Build and deploy highly-available, scalable end-to-end media solutions


Deliver on-demand and live video streams to customers in multiple formats and at scale. Standard and Premium streaming services deliver content directly to a media player application or to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for further distribution.

Media Services customers choose either a Standard Endpoint or one or more Premium Streaming Units, per their needs. Standard Streaming Endpoint is suitable for most streaming workloads. It includes the same features as Premium Streaming Units and scales outbound bandwidth automatically. Premium Streaming Units are suitable for advanced workloads, providing dedicated, scalable bandwidth capacity. Premium Streaming Units “stack,” meaning each unit enabled provides additional bandwidth capacity to the application. Standard Streaming Endpoint doesn’t “stack”, instead it scales bandwidth automatically based on bandwidth requirements.

Streaming is billed as the combination of streaming services and the quantity of data transferred. When Azure CDN is enabled via Media Services Portal or API for a Streaming Endpoint applies for all data transferred. When Azure CDN isn’t enabled for a Streaming Endpoint, data transfer is charged at Data transfer pricing .

Streaming Units

Standard Streaming EndpointPremium Streaming Units
Price (Preview) 3~$4.18/day ($250.8/mo 1)N/A
Price (per unit)N/A~$8.98/day ($538.8/mo1)
Trial15 Day 2N/A
BandwidthUp to 600 Mbps from streaming endpoint and scales with CDNUp to 200 Mbps / unit