Shipping & Returns

Technical Support Policy:

Developers Plus provides you Technical support in the following cases: -

In the case of a defect in the services, designs or sites provided by developers Plus, it is dealing with this problem and provide you technical support for the best service and wonderful design.

If the customer receives a service that does not conform to the purchase order specification, the problem will be dealt quickly and we'll provide you with a technical support.

Security and privacy:

Developers Plus guarantees that you get premium services using the latest techniques that meets the highest security standards. We also follow the most accurate protocols to ensure that the personal information of our customers is not disclosed. We use your personal information only to meet your needs and provide you with the best services and distinctive designs.

How to order:
Explain how to order and get the services provided by Developers Plus.


Developers Plus allows its customers to pay for the service provided by typing the method and we guarantee for you to get the best introduction from us.


Developers Plus offers you the best prices for your services.

Customers of the developers receive constant offers and designs at the best prices.