Nopcommerce API Plugin 4.30 with Source Code

This plugin provides a RESTful API for managing resources in nopCommerce. A resource is a data object that can be accessed via an HTTP request. The API allows you to “access your nopCommerce site’s data (resources) through an easy-to-use HTTP REST API”. The most recent version of the API (nopCommerce version 4.30) With the nopCommerce API, you can perform any of the four CRUD actions against any of your nopCommerce site’s resources listed above. For example, you can use the API to create a product, retrieve a product, update a product or delete a product associated with your nopCommerce website. The plugin also supports WebHooks. This plugin is based on this project which is based on MIT License


Developers Plus JSON API

Short Description:

              Web API Plugin to build mobile app or client app used from customers.

Full Description:

The plugin implements RESTful Web API enables you to develop secured Mobile App or Front End Application .


  • Implements Web Services API as per REST Standards for all client side services / methods for nopCommerce which you can use to Pull and Push data from any external application build on any other language or platform
  • Outputs JSON Response
  • Secured using JWT (JSON Web Token).
  • Supports API calls on Secured Connection (HTTPS) or Unsecured Connection (HTTP) between server & client
  • Supports Multi Language features of nopCommerce
  • Supports Multi Stores features of nopCommerce
  • Supports Multi Currency features of nopCommerce
  • Well documented and Supported by professional team
  • Easy to install, use & configure, Can be installed without any down time


  • Account Methods: Login, Register, Change Password, Recovery Password, Get Profile, Edit Profile, Delete Profile, Active subscribe newsletter, Deactive subscribe newsletter,

Get downloadable products, Get back in stock subscriptions.

  • Customer Address Method: Get customer Address, Get all addresses, Update address, delete Address, Get Country, Get State.
  • Product Methods: Get all products, Get product Details, Get newer products, Best seller products, Compare products, Get products by category, Get home page products.
  • Catalog Methods: Get Manufacturers, Get Vendors, Get Categories, Get categories on home, Get sub categories, Get Tags, Get Product By Tag, Search Products, Get products with discount,

Get products by vendor, get recently viewed products, Get products with discount.

  • Common Method: Important topics, Get languages, set language Get currency, Set currency
  • Shopping Cart Method: Add To Cart and Wishlist, Get Shopping Cart, Get WishList, Apply Discount Code, Apply gift card, Estimate Shipping, Empty cart, Get customer cart items,

Get customer shopping cart items by type, Delete cart item, Update item quantity.

  • Checkout Method: Get Billing Address, Select Billing Address, Add New Billing Address, Select Shipping Address, Add New Shipping Address, Select Shipping Method, Get all payment method Select Payment Method, Get cart info be for confirm, Confirm Order, Order Summary
  • Orders Method: Get orders, Get order details, Delete order, Get order items, orders count,

Order item count, delete order item, Delete all items, add new item, update order item

API Documintation:

Instructions to download a "ready to deploy" package:

              Way 1:

  1. Download the plugin archive with .zip extention.
  2. Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins.
  3. Upload the plugin archive using the "Upload plugin or theme" plugin.
  4. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin. And click on the "Install" button to install the plugin.
  5. Click on “Restart application to apply changes” button.

Way 2:

  1. Download Extension and extract file.
  2. Copy api plugin Folder to “Plugins” folder in your nopCommerce directory.

3. Restart your application (or Go to admin area > configuration > local plugins

click Reload list of plugins button).


This plugin is based on this project
which is based on MIT License