Live Channels

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Live Channels


Live Channels enable you to stream content to your audience in near real time. There are two types of Live Channels: Live Channels without Encoding and Live Channeld with Live Encoding . For all live channel types, billing is based on the amount of time the channel is in running state and not based on the incoming and processed data. For details on channel state and billing, please refer to the FAQ below.

Storge and Data Transfare rates may also apply, and will be charged at standard Azure rates.

Live Channels with Live Encoding is now generally available.


Live Channels with Live Encoding

First 20 hours / Month                               ~$0.184 / minute ($11.04/hr2)


Next 80 hours (20-100 hours) / Month      ~$0.158 / minute ($9.48/hr 2)


Next 150 hours (100-250 hours)/ Month    ~$0.14 / minute ($8.4/hr 2)


Over 250 hours / Month                            ~$0.13 / minute ($7.7/hr 2)